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Heart Fire

And a cheerfully feral cat ready to become a Fam, Ratkiller! From Heart Fire.

Stooopppp! Let me IN! screeched a mental voice.

Reacting instinctively, Tiana snapped, “Stop the vehicle immediately.”

The glider whooped a warning to others, jerked still, deployed the landing brackets, and rocked back and forth on them.

Windooww! yelled something. Tiana turned toward the sound and jolted as something dark and furry showed beyond the tinted window.

“What are yo—” she began, but saw a whippy cat tail. All right. She commanded, “Thin the back windows to air.”

The spell took hold, and the furry animal bolted through, landing close to her. She put out a hand to keep the cat from tumbling onto her and thought she saw spittle flying toward her, too.

Yay! Look at Me! I am with My FamWoman! I have CATCHED her!

Tiana stared at the brindled cat of drab shades of brown and gray. One of his ears was half gone. Obviously not a pampered Fam, but a feral.

He smiled ingratiatingly, showing a broken fang, too, and then his loud and rumbling purr filled the glider.

“FamWoman?” Tiana asked faintly.

His head bobbed. A white scar showed the length of his head and disappeared into the fur near his neck. I am your Fam.

“Do you even know who I am?”

The Fam snorted. Acourse I do. You are the priestess who lives in the secret place that welcomes the really scared or sad.

Her heart thudded and her mouth dried. That was true.

You are not the Healer who lives there and who has a raccoon Fam. The tom lifted a paw and flicked it as if dismissing such a creature. But Tiana’s sister’s Fam was young and pretty, especially compared to this one.

So was everyone else’s Fam.

Light-green eyes fixed on hers. I am a good fighter. Like you.

“I see.”

He preened and turned his head and licked a mat by his shoulder. We will be good together. I have been smelling you for the last two weeks, and knew I had to find you.

That simply appalled Tiana. “Smelling me?”

He sniffed. Yes. You are my FamWoman.

Well, he had no doubt about that.

“I take it you haven’t come from GreatLady Danith D’Ash’s Fam Adoption Rooms.”

The tom made a disgusted noise. Bunch of soft pussies.

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