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Celta HeartMate Series:


  1. HeartMate
  2. Heart Thief
  3. Heart Duel
  4. Heart Choice
  5. Heart Quest
  6. Heart Dance
  7. Heart Fate
  8. Heart Change
  9. Heart Journey
    9.1 Script of the Heart (self publishing novella coming autumn 2016)
  10. Heart Search
  11. Heart Secret
  12. Heart Fortune
    12.1 Lost Heart (self-published novella)
  13. Heart Fire
  14. Heart Legacy
  15. Heart Sight WORK IN PROGRESS (Coming 2017)

That is also chronological order and publishing order.


Hearts and Swords

Hearts and Swords is a collection of novellas. The stories take place throughout the range of the previous books. For instance the first story, Heart and Sword is about the Earth colonists’ discovery of Celta.


The Ghost Seer Series:


  • Ghost Seer
  • Ghost Layer
  • Ghost Killer
  • Ghost Talker (ebook only)
  • Ghost Maker (ebook only, coming October 2016)


Contemporary Paranormal

  • Feral Magic (novella)


The Mystic Circle Series (Luna Books):


  • Enchanted No More
  • Enchanted Again
  • Enchanted Ever After


The Summoning Series, Lladrana Books:



Website serial prequel, short romance (written after Guardian of Honor), Song Of Marwey is available here:

  1. Guardian of Honor
  2. Sorceress of Faith
  3. Protector of the Flight
  4. Keepers of the Flame
  5. Echoes in the Dark

This series is finished, though I may epublish three stories. One would take place before Guardian of Honor and completely on Earth, one would be during the time period of Keepers of the Flame/Echoes in the Dark, and Koz’s story, which I didn’t get to tell, would take place during the time period of Keepers of the Flames/Echoes in the Dark.