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Worlds: Heart Dance

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Pronunciation Key for Heart Dance:

Note: I don't really care how you pronounce the names. ;) This is how I pronounce them.

Saille = Sal

T'Willow = This time don't mush it into Twillow as is standard (T'Ash is
Tash). Tuh-Willow.

D'Willow = Duh-Willow

Dufleur = Doo-flur

Thyme = Time


A pic of Foutchie, a fan, who insisted on becoming Fairyfoot. She is reading an ARC of Heart Thief.

More on Foutchie here: http://www.deborahmacgillivray.co.uk/foutchiesblog.htm

Soundtrack and Dance Information

Power of Celtic by Goa
Celtic Harp Solo (The Last Feast) by Aeternus
Beltane from Solstice by Phil Thornton
Cruise Control by Steven Halpern
Searching from Seeking Serenity by Loren Gold
Falling from Seeking Serenity by Loren Gold
Father Dollard's Hornpipe by Magical Strings

For Videos of some of the dances in Heart Dance, see:

My local group:

A Dance I Enjoyed:

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