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Worlds: Heart Change

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D'Marigold Residence:
      Como, Lake. [Photograph]. Retrieved October 30, 2009, from Britannica Online for Kids:   Robert Everts Stone-Getty Images

Peach tinting added by Robin D. Owens.

Heart Change Sound Track:

Ariell, Santa Clara Falls
Ariell, Celestial Springs
Aum 42 Meditation Music, When the Sun Touches the Ocean
Bazz Cooper, The Long Voyage Home
Craig Riley, Stomp It
Chinmaya Dunster, Right Speech AVELLANA'S THEME
Chinmaya Dunster, Right Morality
Derek Bell, Ancient Memories
David Arkenstone, Echoes of Light and Shadow CRATAG'S THEME
David Arkenstone, Heart of Spring
Decoder Ring, Carillion    )
Decoder Ring, Music Box    )from the film Somersault
Enaid, Lady of the Lake
Enigma, Celtic Dream
Jim Chappel, Beech Mountain Lookout
Llewellyn, Babes In the Wood
Loreena McKennitt, Celtic Twilight
Mark Knopfler, Celtic Myst

Hmmm.  I guess it's not too surprising that I'm still sticking to Celtic music....






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