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Worlds: Echoes In The Dark

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More Research on Abbey Grounds, Cluny Abbey

Inspiration for the Singer's Abbey:
The basilica of Saint Sernin in Toulouse, France at Webshots by skaiteyor


And, of course, King's College Chapel, Cambridge, England
(as referenced first in Protector of the Flight)


As I began Echoes in the Dark, I realized that the map I'd made for Amee and the Dark's Nest wasn't going to work.  There was an area where the ship couldn't go, and I wanted Raine's ship to sail to the Nest, so I made a strait (Strait To Doom).  Here's the Before and After.
(StraitToDoomB-A) attached.

Map of the Ship's Course to the Dark's Nest in Echoes In The Dark


"I've been beyond courtesies for months."  Luthan didn't slow down, but bared his teeth.  "I'll speak to the Singer in person.".... Luthan pivoted and stared to his right.  A small octagonal tower stood with dark arches below leading to what he'd thought was the Friends meeting room.  The arch was matched by the second story windows, the whole was capped with a conical roof and weathervane.  Though the blackness beyond the arches was deep, he didn't hesitate, moved swiftly and found two doors.  One would probably lead to the meeting room. ....
Luthan settled into his balance, grounded himself, banished anger and probed.  Behind the left door he sensed the dampness of rock walls, the slope downward into the heaviness of earth, the secrecy of the Caverns of Prophecy.


Echoes In the Dark Soundtrack:

Raine's Themes:
Sea March, Hopes & Dreams, Lisa Lynne
Heart of Spring, Celtic Book of Days, David Arkenstone

Raine's Music:
Neo Sauurai, Seismic Grooves, DJ Aura
Ministry (group)

Jikata's Theme:
Kama Sutra, Live in Las Vegas, Sarah Brightman

Luthan's Theme:
Wild River, Sketches From An American Journey, David Arkenstone

Faucon's Theme:
Cruise Control, Cruise Control, Steven Halpern

Chasonette's Theme:
Sun Spirit, Sun Spirit, Deuter

Music for Magic:
Casting The Circle - Air - Fire - Water - Earth, Sacred Circle, Llewellyn
Beltane, Solstice, Phil Thornton

Sea Music:
Trabalho Água (Work Water),  Feng Shui Harmony, Corciolli
Sky and Ocean, Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai, Kitaro
Crystal Winds, Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai, Kitaro
Flowing With The Tea, Zen Breakfast, Karunesh
La Mer, Diva, Sarah Brightman
Precious Waters, Ancient Voices, AH_NEE_MAH

Down the Mountain:
Ride To the Winter Palace, The Snow Queen, Symphonika

Battle Music:
March, Frames for a Fairy Tale, Alain Amouyal
Lord of the Rings Soundtrack

Misc. Music:
China Lily, Mystic Journey, Suzanne Teng
Silk and Bamboo, Patricia Spero

Female Singers:
Julie Andrews of the four octave voice
Sequentia (group)
Anonymous 4 (group)
Loreena McKennitt
Deva Premal
Snatam Kaur
Aine Minogue
Connie Dover
Fadia El-Hage
Shanti Shanti (group)

Asian Artists:

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