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I write fantasy, fantasy and paranormal romance.  I’m most known for my stories featuring intelligent animal companions with attitude (a redundancy when applied to cats).  For those of you who like historicals, Celta is essentially a Regency Society . . . with Celtic and pagan traditions.

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The original, the one and only Zanth from HeartMate, fantasy romance set on Celta.  T’Ash, blacksmith and jeweler, has rolled Divination Dice he made and found that he should be meeting his HeartMate that day when Zanth, his Familiar animal companion cat strolls in, page 4:

Zanth, T’Ash’s cat and Familiar, strolled in.  Fish again, he projected telepathically to T’Ash.  He carried his muscular fighter’s body with grace.  He’d attached himself to the child, Rand Ash, the first week in Downwind.  The cat had announced he was Rand’s Fam.  T’Ash’s boyhood crate in the slum had been barely big enough for them both.  Zanth had made the move into the new, expensive T’Ash Residence as if it were his due, though he looked every inch the Downwind tough.  The cat was huge, two-thirds of a meter long.  Irregular black blotches dominated his white fur.

A red tongue caught a stray bit of food from his whiskers.  You hear?  Fish again!  Oily.  Me not like and don’t want any more.

Zanth’s comment grounded T’Ash.  “I’ll speak to the chef.”

Zanth went to the workbench and stared up at the necklace.  That thing.  From long ago.  His pink nose wrinkled.  He opened his muzzle and curled his tongue to use his sixth sense—a combination of smell-taste.  Don’t like it.  It’s feral you.  Too much you and not enough Me.  Take it away.

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May you enjoy all the worlds you visit, especially those I craft for the satisfaction of all of us.   Grab your favorite beverage and take a look.

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